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Maxine is an award-winning Organisation Development leader. She has twice been awarded Top 50 Innovator status for her work helping teams in difficulty to flourish, within the English National Health Service. In 2019 her contribution to the international field was recognised by the American OD Network.

Maxine has served the public in her career for over 38 years (42 if you count her work selling flowers to the public as a ‘Saturday Girl’ in her home town market hall, which may be the origins of her love of flowers and gardens).

Her career started as a nurse in her home town. She worked from the front line of health care delivery, to the boardroom and into the policy and regional arenas. Returning to work as Head of OD in a health care facility in 2003, from there she split her time in an innovative role looking both into the organisation and outward, working on regional and national projects to move service delivery forward and support medical staff experiencing difficulty.

Maxine has been a successful partner in Hart Consultancy Services since 2011, in 2015 Maxine moved to work independently, craving more time to learn new things and to explore life beyond the walls of the Health and Care sector, to pursue voluntary work and pick up long forgotten hobbies.

Since 2015 she has focused on building OD skills and capability across the UK, supporting the National enquiry into working as a ‘system level OD practitioner’, and championed the voice of OD being data driven work and not the ‘soft stuff’.

She has worked tirelessly in her own community over recent years as a volunteer deploying her knowledge and skills as a Board Member of a local hospice and now as Chair of Love Hartlepool, a campaign to enhance positivity, prosperity and improvement in her home town. She is a Visiting Professor at the University of Sunderland.

Sharing the Wealth

Maxine's 2019 American Organisation Development Network award for
her contribution to the international
field of OD.

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Maxine Craig

In 2020 Maxine took a sabbatical year, she planned to travel, spend some time living in Spain, read more widely, volunteer in her home town and reconnect with hobbies. Like most people her 2020 didn’t work out as planned.

In addition to Maxine’s voluntary work, she now undertakes a small amount of commissioned professional work around supporting leaders, organisations and groups as a strategic thinking partner. This involves designing behavioural science-based interventions, performance development coaching and mentoring and supporting people through tricky work-based issues.

If any of this is of interest she can be contacted at maxine.craig@hartconsultancy

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